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I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.


So the WEIRDEST. FREAKING. THING. happened tonight.

I went for a walk with Sandy tonight, because she was bored and restless, and it sounded like fun.

We were walking around, talking about who-knows what, and we got to this spot on the north end of town, where we were standing just outside the ring of light that was cast from the nearby street light.

Now, tonight, the stars were unusually bright. But they were BEAUTIFUL.

While we were walking, my eyes were drawn upward, and I saw this AMAZING sky. The clouds were closing in on this (still very wide) circle of stars, but within that circle, the sky seemed suddenly so much more vast than it should be; the stars even brighter than they already had ben; the world, in spite of the street lamp less than twenty feet away, much darker.

I stopped and exclaimed, "Oh, wow! Sandy, look at the sky!" And she did, and both of us were just entranced by this vast, endless BLACKNESS, and these stars that were so bright in a moonless sky and yet seemed to shed no light. And there was this feeling like the sky was falling down on us, this heaviness, and both of our hearts started racing, and the wind suddenly picked up.

And then something moving caught my eye.

At first, it looked like a very unusually fast-moving wisp of cloud, but then I realised that it COULDN'T have been a cloud, it was moving MUCH too fast.

Then it seemed to take on a more solid form.

Finally, it seemed to look almost like a hangglider, but with lights. Many many tiny very very dim lights forming that shape. I started to wonder if I was SEEING things.

"Sandy...Sandy, do you SEE that?!"

"Yeah..." I could tell by her tone of voice, she couldn't figure out what it was either.

Oddly enough, as I watched it, it seemed to change form AGAIN, and the lights faded away, and I could barely see it then but it looked like a blanket--or, rather, the shadow of one--tumbling and rolling in on itself.

Well, the two of us were pretty weirded out. Sandy's first thought was "ghost," and mine, oddly enough, though I've never been much of a sci-fi type of thinker, was, "aliens." We wandered around talking about what it might have been, and that weird heavy feeling, for quite a while. Then we just started talking about random things, trying to ignore the weirdness, assuming we were just being paranoid and there was OBVIOUSLY some logic behind it.

It was a while later on, while we were walking down the same street, when we saw it again, a couple blocks farther south than we'd seen it before. This time, it started off just a dim glow in the clouds (by this time, the couds had completely covered the sky, even though when we left there hadn't been a cloud in sight.) As soon as it came into full view, it was that weird hangglider shape of dim lights again, and I started to wonderif it wasn't some weird lit up kite the wind had taken. Then it turned into the blanket-looking thing agian, but this time the light stayed, and again it tumbled over and in on itself over and over until it was out of sight.

We didn't see it again, though we spent the rest of the walk looking for it. We still have no idea what it was. But it was freaking WEIRD.

In all honesty, because of this stupid Dean Koontz book I read (okay, it wasn't stupid, it was awesome and I read the whole thing in two days 'cause I couldn't put it down) in which a similar thing happened with the sky and the heaviness of it and this one chapter about dolls and these stupid recurring nightmares about dolls I had when I was little (they STILL scare the hell out of me!), I was honestly expecting to come home to my dolls being all possessed like they always were in my childhood dreams. Needless to say I was quite relieved to come up to my bedroom to find them still perfectly, wonderfully inanimate.


In other news, the conversations we had in between the sightings was rather interesting.

We talked about the possibility of other universes. For anyone who's never heard of the 10th Dimension theory, here: The video starts off slow with shit you've probably known since grade school, about points and lines and planes and such. But it gets pretty interesting the more dimensions you get through.

I used to make up stories about that, when I was very very young. It started off where I would think about, what if there was another dimension, where there were people who looked just like the people in THIS dimension, but were EVIL (and the other dimension's version of the evil people were good). Then as I got old enough to realise that good and evil were not black and white, it was that the people in this other dimension were just exactly OPPOSITE, in every respect. By the time I was about eight years old, I wondered if maybe there were people in all the possible branches, for all the possible timelines...and in all these different concepts, I would make up stories about what would happen if there was a tear between the dimensions. I used to love making up these stories.

Also when I was a kid, I used to think anything someone created in a fictional world--television, movies, stories, any creation of imagination--became its own separate universe once created. And I always wondered if there was a way to travel to THOSE universes as well. I theorized that that was what black holes actually were. Haha.

I was a weird kid. =/

Sorry for the long post, people. But I do hope that, even though most of this post was probably a waste of your time, you check out that link if you never have before. I love that video. ^.^

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